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Looking for easy ways to lose weight? Sometimes the easiest way to lose weight is not the best way to lose weight. As a child I always enjoyed good food, and I was never a picky eater, and in Southeast Louisiana, food was a major part of our culture so much of our lives centered around feasts. Every Mardi Gras I couldn’t wait to eat king cakes with either the fruit filling or cream cheese filling in them, and to this day gumbo is my soup of choice (in fact, fact I had some for Christmas courtesy of mom). Even as a teen I didn’t gain a significant amount of weight, but when I reached my early 20s, I realized I couldn’t fit my size 4 jeans anymore and had to wear a size 8 instead. Now this wasn’t too bad, in my opinion, but I understood that if I didn’t start eating right and exercising, my jeans size could triple to a size 14 within a few years, so I made a change and started looking for easy ways to lose weight, here is how I did it.

Easy Ways To Lose Weight – Get a Move On

  • Easy Ways To Lose WeightOne of the easy ways to lose weight is to get daily exercise and since I don’t drive, I walked everywhere and used public transportation whenever necessary. If you do brisk walking for thirty minutes a day in the park or to run errands, you’ll gradually see a shrinking in your waistline.
  • Another thing I did was watch All-Star Workouts and this show included kickboxing, hip-hop dancing, boot camp cardio workouts, belly-dancing and Afro-Caribbean rhythms. I danced off this program just about every afternoon before and after dinner and I drank water during the workout instead of a soft drink.
  • I also ran for my bus when I knew it was about to pull off. This is a fun way to lose weight, don’t you think?

Easy Ways To Lose Weight – Nutritious and Yummy

  • One of the easy ways to lose weight was to eat better foods and eat my favorite foods in moderation. I started eating boneless chicken breasts with plenty of leafy vegetables in chicken broth rather than the cream soups I usually cooked with the chicken. I started eating more of my favorite fruits, which included oranges, grapes, strawberries and pineapple.
  • I cut back on my pasta and rice consumption because in the past I used to eat large portions of this and my concerned relatives warned that one day it will catch up with me. They were right. I also ate whole wheat pasta and brown rice but in moderation.
  • I cut back on the fried foods I used to eat although this wasn’t easy because my lovable and huggable husband enjoys my fried chicken a lot and so does my younger brother when he’s home from college.
  • I’ll admit I’m not the biggest salad fan, but I like spinach so I made spinach salad with Louisiana shrimp of course (prior to BP disaster that messed our shrimp up).
  • Speaking of seafood, it also contributed to the weight loss

Easy Ways To Lose Weight – Support from My Buddies

  • Easy Ways To Lose WeightEncouragement is essential when you’re trying to lose weight so I enlisted the help of my childhood friend Pam. Pam would call me at 8 a.m. on my off days and get me to go jogging with her at our local park. She even made this delicious smoothie for me so I can have fuel while jogging.
  • For a present one year Pam gave me an inspirational book of real-life stories of local figures that shed the pounds successfully. This helped because there were times when I relapsed and gained three or four pounds back but their stories encouraged me to keep it up despite my failures.
  • My husband didn’t sabotage my efforts and he would purchase the foods I needed to lose weight successfully. He showed me articles about obesity’s effect on the heart and he mentioned that a few of his relatives died from obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and kidney failure.
  • My older cousin helped by showing me pictures of when I used to wear size 4 clothes, and she said she believed I can do it. But she never belittled me, which helped greatly.

Easy Ways To Lose Weight – Educating Myself

  • One of the easy ways to lose weight is to educate yourself on proper weight loss methods so I read many online articles and blogs about weight loss. I highlighted certain key points in the articles and applied them to my routine
  • My job sponsored a wellness seminar so I attended it and I received valuable information on how to keep the weight off once you’ve lost it. For example, the speaker said we should lock all unhealthy foods in a safe and hide it from ourselves so they won’t be so easily accessible.
  • I interviewed some neighbors who successfully lost weight and one in particular said he became a vegetarian for weight loss purposes. I don’t think I can get that extreme, but the conversation helped me.
  • My younger sister visited me one afternoon and she brought a box of medical journals she subscribes to so I can read the latest statistics on obesity in our region. What I read was alarming, and since then I decided to stick to my diet for years to come.
  • I volunteer at a radio station and a few of my DJ buddies gave me health magazine articles on healthy recipes to try at home, and actually these dishes weren’t bland at all. My husband especially liked the spinach and chicken soup.

Easy Ways To Lose Weight – Positive Attitude

  • Even if you exercise regularly and eat healthy, it won’t mean anything unless you have a positive attitude. At my church my pastor said that with faith in God and the willingness to change, you can become a better person spiritually and physically so I applied this to my life. I searched for Bible verses that dealt with caring for the body and I memorized them for a period of weeks.
  • I didn’t get too upset when I ate the wrong foods occasionally but instead I smiled and told myself there’s always the next day.
  • Stress often leads to bad eating habits so I now do fun activities when I’m stressed out.
  • I no longer sweat the small stuff and I’m learning to take life one day at a time.

I also spend much more romantic time with hubs and this helps with weight loss.

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