How to Fast to Lose Weight

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How to Fast to Lose Weight

How to Fast to Lose Weight

Ever wonder how to fast to lose weight? Fasting for losing weight has gained immense popularity in recent times. The modern-day lifestyle and eating habits has played its part in putting the masses out of shape. During the course of time resisting the temptation of eating fatty foods and sweets has also developed as a great method to shed the extra weight. It is also one of the most popular among different methods used when preparing your body for a debut, wedding or a similar event.

A number of famous personalities are known to follow the same before attending a major event in order to lose the extra weight and look and feel fit. The basic concept is simple. You do not eat anything while drinking only fluids, and the body starts using the fats stored in your body. This results in weight loss during the course of time.

Points to be kept in Mind

Before you go in for fasting to lose weight, there are certain important points that must be understood.


It is a common knowledge that our body needs certain vitamins and minerals in order to function properly. However, in case of a fast, the supply of the nutrients might not be enough and can result in a few problems. Thus, proper knowledge on how to fast to lose weight must be taken that proper nutrients are still consumed to ensure proper working of body parts.

Weight Gain after Fasting

Interestingly, when you are fasting to lose weight our body automatically slows down the metabolic process and thus the consumption and requirements of various materials that are necessary to survive is also reduced. You would surely reduce the weight but as soon as you start eating fatty foods, chances are that the metabolic activity would go even more rapid than its initial pace and you might gain even more weight than you initially lost. Therefore, it is very important that you eat in a controlled manner for some time even after the fast.

The Temptation

It is always a very difficult task to forbid yourself from eating all the delicious food when others are relishing and talking about it. It certainly causes a lot of mental stress and you might not be able to concentrate on routine activities. It is very important to keep a check on the temptation and follow the fast.

The Proper Fasting

If you are fasting to lose weight, there is a proper way to do so and the entire process is broken down into three parts:

  • Preparation
  • Fast
  • Breaking the fast


Preparing for a fast is really important not only physically but also mentally. If you are not mentally prepared, you would not be able to complete the fast and would resort to eating the delicious food around you. For preparing the mind, it is very important that you plan well in advance about the fast and be strong mentally, or else you will surely find a number of reasons for why you should not fast.

Preparing the body involves the consumption of normal diet and drinking a lot of fluids a day before you fast. Fluids are really important and will keep the body hydrated. If you have not eaten well a day before or have skipped a meal, you might feel hungry on the day of the fast.

The Fast

On the day you are fasting to lose weight, physical exercises should be avoided. You should also try to concentrate on some specific things or work that will help you during the day. Thinking about the hunger and delicious food certainly would not help in any way. You can also try out some activities which you were not able to do because you never had time for them before.

Breaking the Fast

How to Fast to Lose WeightIt is also really important that you follow up with certain important things after the fast. On the next day, you must drink a glass of lemon water with a little salt mixed in it. This will help in the removal of toxic materials from the body and will trigger bowel movement and thus body cleansing. Remember to consume this before the breakfast. Removal of toxic wastes will also help in reducing body weight.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting basically refers to fast when you do not eat anything for a short period of time before returning to normal eating. The time period when you do not consume anything may vary from a few hours to a day. Based on the time period that suits you the most, you can either choose to fast for a few hours to a day and even more. This not only helps in loosing body weight but also reduces sugar level, cholesterol level, improves metabolism and preserves muscle strength.

The great thing about fasting to lose weight is that you can choose to fast as per your requirement and capability and get rid of not only the body fat but also a number of other diseases and toxic materials from the body.

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